Level 1 (DRAFT)

Scripted scene 3rd person view

NPC - "you need to get to Sintra and meet at the small coffee shop and meet with our man. He will give you the leaflets and you must bring them back to our guys."

PLAYER - "where do I meet our guys back here?"

NPC - "He will give you the exact direction when you get there."

PLAYER - "Ok. Should I expect any adversities?"

NPC - "Probably not, but here is a knife, use it only if you get into trouble with the cops or PIDE. Dont use the main streets, use the route suggested on the map"

PLAYER - "Im not in the mood for blood, Ill walk the alleys"

NPC - "Also take this briefcase with you, its filled with documents to deceive any suspicious cops, and some money to the tickets"

PLAYER - "Im going to catch the train then"

NPC - "good luck!"


Level description

The game starts on a urban environment, where the player is doing his first courrier mission, transporting propaganda for the activists. The player is issued a knife. After being advised of the routes to avoid, the player is instructed to go to the train station to catch a train to a nearby town (sintra) where he will meet the activist that will give him the propaganda leaflets.

NOTE: It is a fairly simple mission where the player learns movement and some stealth skills, and can fight with one or two enemies.


Here is a draft of the proposed:

Note: this is actual aerial photo of the train station that leads to Sintra (marked Yellow)

Green Starting point

Red Zone to avoid

Blue Sugested safe route

Pink Conflit zone, where the player will be intercepted by cops or PIDE officers.



The player needs to o trough the red or pink zones and must kill an officer.

When the player get's to the train station buys a ticket to sintra (can be a scripted scene) is spotted by PIDE and start to chase him.

The Player runs and catches the right train (already parting), running to flee the PIDE and police officers looking for him, it fells asleep.